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Couchbase Server is an open source, distributed database engineered for scalability, performance, and availability. It’s a general purpose database that can be deployed as a document database, key-value store, and/or distributed cache.

Its memory-centric, multi-threaded architecture leverages integrated caching, memory-optimized indexes, and memory-to-memory replication to provide consistent high throughput, low latency access to data, and is capable of fully utilizing multi-core processors and terabytes of memory.


N1QL is a full-featured, SQL-based query language that extends SQL to JSON and enables low latency queries on distributed data, regardless of scale. It supports filtering, projection, and aggregation as well as joins and subqueries, and utilizes indexes to improve query performance – including simple, compound, partial, functional, and covering indexes.

A comprehensive, web-based console simplifies development with integrated query editing and schema browsing, and for administrators, simplifies management and monitoring by performing complex tasks with the push of a button, and providing over 200+ metrics on everything from cluster health to individual node performance.

Found in an RDBMS Provided by Couchbase Server
SQL Express complex queries with N1QL, a declarative query language based on SQL.
JOINs Perform left outer and inner joins with N1QL to support relationships.
Schema Browsing Explore the data model with automatically inferred schemas and sample data.
Query Editing Create and run queries using a built-in editor with autocomplete and syntax highlighting.
Comprehensive Indexing Create compound, partial, functional, and covering indexes to improve query performance.
Strong Consistency Specify read-your-own-writes consistency for queries that require stronger consistency.
Advanced Security Configure encryption, auditing, role-based access control, and LDAP for secure environments.
Disaster Recovery Leverage backup/restore tools and built-in cross data center replication for disaster recovery.
Monitoring Actively monitor database state and operations with a complete, integrated admin console.





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