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Apache Zeppelin


Said to be a collaborative data analytics and visualization tool for Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Apache’s incubating Zeppelin project is a web-based tool for data scientists to collaborate over large-scale data exploration. Zeppelin is independent of the execution framework, and its interpreter allows any language or data-processing backend (such as Scala, Spark, Markdown and Shell) to be plugged in.

Zeppelin has a pluggable architecture so it supports not only Scala but also Python with built-in Spark integration. Zeppelin supports data exchange between Scala and Python environments but also SparkContext sharing for spark cluster resource utilization. It’s got the ability create a rich interactive analytics GUI inside of it’s notebooks. It also has a customizable layout system as well.

Some basic charts are already included in Apache Zeppelin. Visualizations are not limited to SparkSQL query, any output from any language backend can be recognized and visualized.


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